I have finally made myself a wallet.  It is far from perfect but it is the first one I have made.  Will have to make more for the practice……..

The topstitching on the strap is not all the way around as I couldn’t get around because of the magnetic clip.  Will have to think of a different way for next time

wallet 001

The inside before I put all my cards in!!!

wallet 002

And with all my cards in.  The pockets aren’t straight really need to work on cutting out all my pieces straight!!!!!
Also the cards on one side are really tight When I sewed the centre line to make the fold I must of done it further on one side!!!!!!!

wallet 003


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EB Bag Swap Sneak Peak!

OK here it is finally my bag swap sneak peak!
I am taking part in the EB bag swap, gotta love swaps, and here is my sneak peak.

bag sneak peak

The bag, but I won’t tell you which part of the bag……..

sneak peak EB

And the lable I spent AGES on trying to get it just right (and many choice words too) my embroidery machine kept jamming up on me.  Any way it less then perfect but I done it 4 times so I gave up and this is the best one out of all of them………..I think just that little lable took longer than the whole bag to do!!!!!!!

I just hope my swap partner likes her bag (and lable too)

Stay tuned for the big reveal………..

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Nappy Cake!

nappy cake 003

Someone my SIL works with asked me to make them a nappy cake, and I said I would if they purchased all the things needed plus $30 for my time, I hadn’t heard anything so I assumed they thought I was asking too much.  But my SIL turned up last night with everything, so  have been busy this morning putting it all together, and here it is.

Tell me what you think honestly, I haven’t wraped it in cello yet so can change it!!!!

The bottom Winnie the Pooh thing is a pram toy and the top one is a teether and the duck right on top is a bath thermometer, and then bibs on the bottom and some wipes at the back.  I didn’t know what else to do with the bibs!!!!!!

This is the first time I have made one of these so I am pretty happy with myself!!!!

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Oliver & S Giveaway!!!!

I have been getting told by the girls on EB in the sewing section how good the Oliver & S patterns are, but I am yet to buy one.  I am looking at one at the moment to buy but am supposed to be saving money………..

 Novy is doing a giveaway (that paris-stella told me about from the begginer sewers group) of TWO Oliver & S patterns, one for girls one for boys, so I will enter and hopefully win and then I can see for myself how good these patterns are and then I too will be addicted to buying them.

To enter just visit her  blog http://littlemunchkins.blogspot.com  and leave a comment.

Thank you Novy!!!

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My new fabric stash!!!!

I would like to say a HUGE HUGE thankyou to bubblegumma  (from EB) for offering to do a trip to Spotlight for me and stock up on fabric and post it to  me!!!!  Thank you so so much for that I really appricate it so much.  It was funny she was sending me pics via SMS and was thinking wonder what people in spotlight thought!!!!!!!!

Anyway this is my new stash of fabric!



Little digger fabric!


Brown Dogs!


Bikes! This is on a pale blue background it looks white in the picture though.






Blue and Green Dots!


Puppy Dog Drill!


And some cheap fabric she picked up from another fabric store.


Thank you so much for all this fabric, can’t wait to get into it and sew, sew, sew……..

Now what to make with it all, I had better get my thinking cap on!!!!!!!!

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Second pair of Little Explorer Overalls!!!

This is my second pair of little explorer overalls.  I must say I am not as happy with these ones, I made so many muck ups and had to unpick so much.  Also the straps are half as thick as they should be because I ran out of the material.


This is the first time I had done applique and I don’t like it I think it looks messy.  Don’t know if it is cause I used navy cotton, maybe I should of used a light cotton???????


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Fabric Stash Clearout Sale!!!!!!

I have been cleaning out my sewing room and going through all my material and for some reason I have heaps of ‘girly’ fabric and I have 2 boys so will probley not use it.  I am going to use the money to do my first fabric order from on the net so probley etsy or similar.  Now I am not to good with my fabrics so will do my best to describe them some I know for sure but others not too sure about!!!



The first one is white cotton with pink embroidered flowers all over (see close up pic) I actually brought this for the EB kids clothing swap but changed my mind to the pink cord!!!!!!$8.00 SOLD

The second is an animal print flannelette it measures 111cmx138cm.  It would make a great winter girls dress for over leggings or even a nice soft jacket, it’s doesn’t look like PJ type flannelette if that makes sense but you could make PJ’s out of it too…..$5.00

And the third is a pink cord with embroidered butterflys on it measuring 105cmx71cm and then another piece (which is still attached to it measuring 48cmx82cm.  This is the fabric I used for the kids clothing swap!!!!  You would get a nice skirt out of this or even  a small pinnafore dress…..There is just a small flaw in the end of this material see pic…….$4.00   SOLD


The first one in this picture is I think a cotton although to me it feels thicker than cotton so not sure….It is off  white colour with strawberries on it, it has printed on the edge ‘Caprice Australia Original’ (don’t know what it means!)  it measures 115cmx152cm I think it would make a lovely dress or skirt!!!! $5.00 SOLD

The next is a cotton brown with tiny pink flowers and measures 87cmx152cm….$2.00

The third is a pink don’t know what sort of fabric it is but it is quite thick I would say it would make nice pair of overalls for a girl or even a pinafore dress or some pants?????? It measures 48cmx148cm……$2.00 SOLD


This is a blue with sunflowers on it and it is 65% polyester 35% cotton and measures 114cmx200cm and there is 3 of them…$8.00


Yellow Flannelette with Cockatoos 104cmx87…..$2.00

Mint stripe with white and bears flanelette 69cmx83cm………$1.00

Blue with pink pigs flannelette 85cmx96cm……..$1.00

Bear Flannelette 88cmx84cm and another piece still attached 68cmx93cm…….$2.00

All these are quite small pieces but you could probley get a top out of them and then have plain bottoms for PJ’s?????????

I will probley use pre paid satchels as I find them the cheapest to use………

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PJ’s for EB challenge!!!

The Kimino top pj’s that I made using materials from my stash.  I only just had enough of the flannel to make these.

eb1 001

eb1 002

Dominic modelling the PJ’s I made for him……..I took too long to finish them and now they are too small for him, although he did have a bonds suit on as well……

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My boys!!!!


Thought I would just add an updated photo of my little boy……He has gotten cubby now looks nothing like the skin and bones little premmie now….He is nearly 11 weeks old…that has flowen by…….


And here are the two brothers together… AJ (17 months) loves to hold Dominic……

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Little Explorer Overalls!!!!


These are the little explorer overalls that I have been dying to try and I made a size 2 as Ds1 is only in size 1 so I thought I would make them bigger so he can wear them next summer as it is too cold here now.  But they are too small….The top half fits but the bottom is to tight over his disposable nappy, if he wasn’t in nappies it would be ok, but what 17 month old if fully out of nappies????  The pattern must be a pretty small make….Oh well lucky I have two boys so DS2 can wear them later on!!!!!!!

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